A collection of 10,000 generated brains created in 22 hours. All brains are unique and have no duplicates! For every brain sold, 20% will go to helping children with cancer. And another 4% will come from each resale. By purchasing NFTs from our collection, you not only get a cool brain, but also automatically help children who need a brain in a bright life!

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New collection of NFT 2022 + bonuses! - In the new year 2022 with a new collection. A new NFT collection will be released very soon. It won't be just a collection. It was created to help children who suffer from cancer or other dangerous diseases.

10000 unique generated images. They will delight your eyes.

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Magic Creator Collection - A magical creator. I create art from scratch. In each picture you will find a highlight that others will not see. It all depends on your imagination. Popular people in modern digital processing. 10% of the collection's profits will go to help children and cancer patients.

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As without contests and sweepstakes. Here you will learn more about where and how the sweepstakes are held. What conditions and what needs to be done. And of course, what prizes will you receive for winning or for participating in the drawing!

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After the birth of my son, a lot has changed in me, my opinion has changed dramatically to some things, I have become kinder, more tolerant. As a father to his child, I want to give my best, and my heart bleeds from the fact that some little man just has nothing to eat – it's just scary when he has nothing to wear, when he goes to bed not in a warm, snow-white, soft crib, but on a bench and covers himself with jackets and rags - it's scary, I can't describe my feelings, but it's impossible, and it's impossible to remain indifferent to such things and not help children.

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Here you will learn about the items of the Mutants Eggs collection. From the most ordinary things to the legendary. The rarer the item, the more expensive the Egg! Don't miss the chance to get a rare one! Here you will find out which eggs are the most expensive and which are the rarest of their kind.

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Sale of the Mutants Eggs collection - Sale of 1000 eggs. From the most ordinary to the legendary. Find out which eggs you can buy right now at the lowest prices.

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One day there was a split in the world. Everything alive in the world has turned to dust. But soon eggs began to appear on the planet. Nothing was known about them. They did not hatch from the shell, but began to come to life directly in the form of an egg. It is still not known who or what is inside these eggs. But one thing is for sure, they are all different and all have their own rarity and power! This is a huge collection of unique eggs! Mutant eggs of Jekrum 2000 NFT!

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