Kids Brain Collections

Kids Brain Collections

A collection of 10,000 generated brains created in 22 hours. All brains are unique and have no duplicates! For every brain sold, 20% will go to helping children with cancer. And another 4% will come from each resale.

By purchasing NFTs from our collection, you not only get a cool brain, but also automatically help children who need a brain in a bright life!

Rare brains! Gold! Rare background! Tiger! Rare item! Magic book! We all dream of a house or a car! Someone dreams of traveling! And some dream to LIVE! Children who suffer from terrible diseases dream of living on!

They are not to blame for what happened to them! We help children to see the world and live a free life without sores!

Let's start with the brains! From simple to legendary!



Now rare hats!




Wow. Now let's look at rare items!



Now backgrounds are rare! There are a lot of them!




Now you know which NFTs are the rarest! Rather, go to the collection and pick up your beauties!

Go to the collection!

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