New collection of NFT 2022 + bonuses!

New collection of NFT 2022 + bonuses!

10000 unique generated images, more than 50 elements. Created in just 22 hours.

All the pictures are unique and there are no similar ones. There are both rare and ordinary specimens. Which one you choose is up to you!

And most importantly, 20% of the sale of any NFT picture will go to charity to help children with cancer. And with each resale of NFT, 5% of the sale will also go to charity.

Thus, you get a unique NFT. And children get a chance to recover.

Now about the bonus!

If you have NFTs from the Mutants Eggs collection in your collection


Then you, for each egg in your collection, will receive a free NFT from the new collection. The more Eggs you have, the more free NFT!

Rather, go to the collection and take your eggs. There is now a sale from 1001 to 2000 rooms. The price for them is only 0.001 ETH

And if you are wondering why we help children? Then read this article. There's something important about her.


We wish you great collections and good health!

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