Why do I help children?

Why do I help children?

Because otherwise I have no reason to live at all. I wake up in the morning in a warm separate apartment, go to a simple, but not highly paid job, eat healthy and high-calorie food, and the question arises: well, what is all this for? To the fact that I have my own, but ONE child, and no others are planned anymore? And this ONE child is not interested in toys, food or clothes - and so everything is in bulk?

I have no clear and distinct justification for my existence. I don't burn out at a socially significant job for a penny salary – my job means almost nothing to most people around me, I'm not a doctor, not a military man, not a teacher. I'm not raising a big family with all my might. I am not a fighter, not a creator, not a creator, not an artist, not a prayer book – just some kind of senseless and unpromising walking installation for receiving and subsequent embezzlement of money. Who am I from God's point of view? Does anyone really need me? Should I even live? It's difficult, it's even scary - the lack of meaning and perspective.

Let other people's children be happy. I was in orphanages. As cynical as it may sound, but they don't need much for joy. My only child and the rest of the family will not suffer, but at least I will get some justification for my existence and my life before God. It's small, of course, but I'll get it. And this, of course, will not worsen the situation for anyone.

I help other children because our children can be in their place. How can I imagine my child in such humiliating conditions, when there are not enough warm clothes or shoes and he inevitably becomes chronically ill, or when he lacks vitamins and he weakens, he becomes uncomfortable. Children are not to blame for the fact that the world is not perfect and therefore each of them has the right to at least a small share of warmth and affection in this harsh world for them.

For me, there is no separation of children into my own and others'. Each of us adults is to blame for the fact that children find themselves in a world of cruelty, violence and indifference. Someone does meanness, someone is silent when others do it. Someone sees the hardships of their neighbor, and someone does not want to see them. And of those who see, many are trying to judge whether a person deserves help.


Each of us has to make our own choice.


And if you decide to help? Then you can already help many children! At the same time, you will be in the black! Our NFT Collection ....... ! 20% from each purchased image, NFT will go to charity and help children in need! And another 5% will go to children with each resale of NFT!






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