Let's figure it out together! To begin with, helping children is a privilege, not a duty. After all, how important and responsible it is for a child to be the very person he trusts unconditionally. To be the one who saves children's lives. Agree, this is a reason for pride, which you can tell your friends about.

But why children in need?

By helping our wards, you do everything possible so that these guys do not end up in an orphanage. After all, if you do not support the family in time, the social services will have a weighty reason to withdraw the child. And this is always a tragedy.

Is the lack of the necessary number of notebooks and pens a tragedy? At first glance, no. But this is only at first glance.

Sometimes the lack of the right set of stationery causes problems with social services and a real disaster for a little schoolboy from a needy family.

And it is in our power to make sure that there are as few of these problems as possible.

By purchasing our NFTS, you automatically help one or more children to become healthy and live a wonderful life.

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